Kudos received from authors and publishers who have used JBC editing: 

Thank you so much for editing my story and for doing it so promptly. 
- Debra Ullrick 

Thanks for the good job on the edit. You certainly got some things I missed, though I saw that you had to put up with some wonky spaces between words. Not sure why, and I'm also sure that's annoying, but they weren't on my version. 
- R P Dahlke 

Jeanne, Wonderful. I just took a cursory glance at what changes you’d made and my first impression is that I’ll be using you again in the future. Thank you so much for getting this done for me. I know it was very difficult and must be a big relief to be done with it. 
-Donald James Parker - Sword of the Spririt Publishing

After a number of frustrating situations where I proofread a book I'd written at least three times, there were still mistakes that slipped past me. I found JBC Editing and from that point on the missing words and typos have been purged and corrected before printing. No more embarrassing mistakes! Jeanne is really good at seeing things that others miss.
Michelle Sutton - Healing Hearts author of over a dozen inspirational novels.


I have been working with Jeanne a little over two years.  She’s very thorough and understands my style. I write Contemporary Fiction with faith elements and a little heat and she gets that.  She understands the message and is good about not changing my voice...that was very important to me.  I didn’t want an editor that was a repressed writer, but someone who appreciates the time, skill and creativity required to tell a story.  


Considering most of my characters are African-American and she understands the descriptions is a huge plus. Not only has she caught the simple typos and grammar errors I missed, she’s also caught continuity glitches I missed.  Her notes on things I’ve missed have made me more aware of what to look for when I write and do my final read-through before handing her my book.


A good editor is also a good writing teacher and that’s what I have with Jeanne.    


Tracy Reed



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